Sergei Akimov, editor porfolio

Sergei Akimov, editor porfolio


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Stephen David Entertainment “Titans that built America”, “HUMAN. The world within”, “Beyond the spotlight”

Al Roker Entertainment “Forging The Future”

Weinberger Media “True Conviction” Season 3 

Matta. “On the edge of a dream” (Documentary, in production)

New York business exchange forum. (Conference, digital, EM agency)

Ford hardest working person. (Insomnia TV, digital)

FIFA World Cup 2018 (Senior video editor)

“Alina-2018” Rhythmic Gymnastiс Fest of famous russian gymnast Alina Kabaeva (Music show, “Russia 1” channel, Senior Editor)


New years eve night show 2017- 2018 (STS channel)

“Alina-2017” rhythmic gymnastics fest (“Russia 1” channel)

LA BAYADÈRE,ballet in three acts and A CHRISTMAS TALE, opera-feerie in two parts (Production for Mariinsky Theatre)


Euro 2016 in Paris

Summer Olympic in Rio 2016

Nikolay Baskov show “The Game” (“Russia 1” channel/

Russian National Music Awards 2016 (link soon)


Fartsa (Drama/”Channel One”/Netflix/Sreda prod.)

The Opening/Closing Ceremony of the 16th FINA World Championships 2015 in Kazan


A diving project (Thriller/Russia 1 channel/EMG)

Dr. Doom (Action/NTV/Zhigunov production)


Nezlob (Comedy/TNT channel/focus plus production)

Angel of Demon (Mystic/STS channel/a media)


One big day (Action/Channel one/UMP)

Zaytsev+1 (Comedy/TNT channel/focus plus  production)


Celebrating Kazakhstan’s 20th anniversary of Independence